Beat Bike Toba Crossbar – Review

BEAT BIKE TOBA CROSSBAR - REVIEW Company Background The Beat Bike Toba Crossbar is based around Kalkhoff's Impulse motor system - perhaps not as well-known as the likes of Bosch and Shimano but actually a company that has experience in the e-bike market pre-dating both those companies. After taking on the Daum┬ámid-motor drive in 2009,... Continue Reading →

By Turbo Bob’s …

By Turbo Bob's Bicycle Blog I got a chance to spend a month with a Kalkhoff E-bike last year. It was a prototyped model with a N360 NuVinci Harmony on-board. It is still one of the best E-bikes I have tested to date, (from the almost 30 brands I've reviewed). I can't wait to try... Continue Reading →

New & Used Bikes NewsletterThe season has really begun now with many models already close to selling out of this months allocation. A lot of the success has been due to customers of ours and those who own other brands of bikes that want to upgrade by selling their old bikes.This coupled with our owners... Continue Reading →

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