Is our Government really that dumb not to promote cycling?It really amazes me that it takes the government so long to catch on to the fact that cycling can help the UK/world on so many levels for example.Health: By encouraging people to cycle peoples health improve on a mass level reducing the need to burden... Continue Reading →

By Turbo Bob’s …

By Turbo Bob's Bicycle Blog I got a chance to spend a month with a Kalkhoff E-bike last year. It was a prototyped model with a N360 NuVinci Harmony on-board. It is still one of the best E-bikes I have tested to date, (from the almost 30 brands I've reviewed). I can't wait to try... Continue Reading →

50cycles June Newsletter50cycles are making the Electric Bike do for cycling as the Electric guitar did for rock and roll. No better time and place to be sending 10 bikes to Glastonbury to see the Rolling Stone play.There will be some footage coming of the bikes in action at Glastonbury.

AtoB Magazine

This Electric Bike Magazine rocks!It is the NME of the Electric bike world.It was this magazine that opened the door for 50cycles in Spring of 2003 when they approached us to review the Honda Step Compo which appeared in the June addition whilst I was based in Japan and our one page website was up... Continue Reading →

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