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50 Cycles Loughborough

Here we take a look at some of the new models in stock for the coming season at 50 Cycles  Loughborough and Manchester stores. A quick video tour of the Loughborough store:

More on the e-bikes in that video:

Kalkhoff Integrale i8

These are very high quality German designed and made e-bikes. Stylish but ultimately practical with a humungous 612 Wh battery, carbon belt drive and 8 speed hub gears. A classic.

Giant Road E+2 Pro 

E-road bikes are far and few between so this model from Giant stands out, not least because it uses the excellent Sync Drive Pro motor (Giant’s own software tune version of the high-torque Yamaha PW-X motor).

If you want an e-mtb that has probably the quietest motor around then check out Scott’s E-Aspect range. The bike featured in the video is the 910, the bigger brother of the 920 which we reviewed in full here. 

Cube Reaction Hybrid Race 500
If you want a powerful, simple to operate e-mtb with great hill climbing ability this 2018 model from Cube should be on your shortlist. It’s powered by a top of the line Bosch Performance CX motor and all handlebar controls are at the touch of a thumb using the simple Purion display and control unit, right next to your left hand on the bars. 11 derailleur gears mean the steepest of off-road climbs will be limited only by your ability to handle the bike and get grip!

Giant Dirt E+2 Pro
Full review here. 

Riese & Muller Speed Pedelecs
These are now registrable by the DVLA, meaning you can ride with aelectric assist power up to 45kmh subject to having the correct registration paperwork, insurance and helmet. The three speed-variant  models featured here are the Roadster Touring, Tinker, Nevo Nuvinci and the Delite.

Other bikes at Loughborough included:

BESV Jaguar JS1
Lots of great features make this a neat looking commuter bike including a near silent motor, full length mudguards, pannier rack, good looking LED lighting and low maintenance mechanical disk brakes (I like ’em – you don’t need to bleed ’em and there’s plenty of stopping power for a commuter bike).

Here’s a quick look at the features of the bike at 50 Cycles Loughborough store:

Scott E-Genius 720 

A  test ride on the Shimano-powered E-Genius impressed.

Key features are one of the best reviewed crank motors, Shimano’s E-8000 and what look like large gear shifters on the left of the handlebars – actually power level settings. Great to use with gloves on and at speed. There’s a frame integrated 500Wh battery, 2.8 inch wide tyres and a dropper post.

To see this in action on the trail in thick snow check out this video (not me riding it sadly…)

And here’s a quick look at some of the features:

50 Cycles Manchester

We take a look around the e-mtb floor at the Manchester branch:

Models featured here include:

Cube Nutrail Hybrid 500 Fat
With all the extra power on board with a Bosch Performance Line CX motor fat bikes suddenly have a whole new appeal. The extra power means the extra resistance from the mammoth 4″ wide tyres is not the issue it would be on a non-electric bike. And an e-fat bike like this highly-specced Cube model allow new, slippier riding terrain to be accessible.

Cube Reaction Hybrid Pro All Road 500
A great all rounder. It seems the most obvious idea but there are virtually no other bikes out there with this spec; take e-MTB performance powered once again by the  Bosch Performance Line CX motor and add LED lighting, mudguards and a kickstand to make it a capable commuter and everyday bike too. There are also mounting points on the frame to add a rear rack, so it would make a great off-road touring bike too.
As one reviewer details, it has been used to take two kids to school and on weekend trips using a Bobike seat attachment and a tag-along style bike hitched to the back. And it can go off-roading when not taking the kids out….electric power is so useful!


















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