Electric bikes – from Past to Present

ELECTRIC BIKES - FROM PAST TO PRESENT Early History The idea of adding power - other than human power - has actually been around for a while longer than you might expect. Internal combustion engines fitted to bicycles first appeared in the 1880s and actually proved a commercial proposition throughout the early part of the... Continue Reading →


Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 500

CUBE KATHMANDU HYBRID PRO 500- REVIEW Company Background Cube is a German company perhaps best known for mountain bikes but in fact also manufacturing an impressively wide range of electric bikes, all using the┬átried and tested Bosch motor system. They sell into more than sixty countries around the world so with that kind of global... Continue Reading →

Beat Bike Toba Crossbar – Review

BEAT BIKE TOBA CROSSBAR - REVIEW Company Background The Beat Bike Toba Crossbar is based around Kalkhoff's Impulse motor system - perhaps not as well-known as the likes of Bosch and Shimano but actually a company that has experience in the e-bike market pre-dating both those companies. After taking on the Daum┬ámid-motor drive in 2009,... Continue Reading →

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