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By Turbo Bob’s Bicycle Blog I got a chance to spend a month with a Kalkhoff E-bike last year. It was a prototyped model with a N360 NuVinci Harmony on-board. It is still one of the best E-bikes I have tested to date, (from the almost 30 brands I’ve reviewed).
I can’t wait to try out some of the 2013 models

We were delighted when Turbo Bob Mentioned that the Kalkhoff bike was one of the best ebikes he has ever ridden using the N360 gearing system. 

It really seems that this year in 2013 electric bikes are now coming of age providing users with the upmost range and reliability a big change over the last 10 years where the early adopters had to put up with Heavy Clunky Lead acid battery driven bikes with poorly made cycle components.

Nowadays the Kalkhoff Electric Bikes is as good an electric bike as it is a conventional bike. Ask yourself the question, which is the best Electric Bike out there? and AtoB magazine will provide the answer. This bike has been rated number 1 for the last 4 years with each and every season producing some major innovation not only in the Cycles sector but in the whole Sustainable Transport systems worldwide.


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