7 Reasons to ride an electric bike in London

7 Reasons to ride an ebike in London

Image puts it succinctly why everyone in the UK should be riding an electric bike not only in London but the UK and the rest of the world.

It is only when you are out on one of these machines do you feel as though you know or  feel is though you are doing something that no one else is really aware of.

Electric Bikes are definitely cyclings’ best kept secret and it is one of these rare things where the more people using them the better it gets. There is no finite resource to make it worst by being more using it. Although it does make you snigger when you see so many people struggling up a hill when you get away with a pair of jeans and a pannier full of equipment charging up any hill or terrain.

If you would like to experience an electric bike I can guarantee you will not stop smiling where ever you go. Feeling the benefits of exercise, fresh air, speed, exhilaration and excitement that only those that ride one to get around truly understand.

There are some lucky people out there that get to experience ebikes on a daily basis and it is only when you learn to incorporate this in to your life have you achieved true oneness. The Zen is in cycling until you reach a hill and run out of breath, with an ebike you can keep giving and it will defy the laws of physics using a battery to give an output ratio of upto 3:1 of what your legs are doing. Basically getting a bigger bang for the buck.


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