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This Electric Bike Magazine rocks!

It is the NME of the Electric bike world.

It was this magazine that opened the door for 50cycles in Spring of 2003 when they approached us to review the Honda Step Compo which appeared in the June addition whilst I was based in Japan and our one page website was up and running in the UK.

Below is an exert from the review which is done in such an AtoB radical style. David Henshaw the Editor of AtoB really tells it how it is. This magazine is really some thing I cannot wait to read every 2 months.

Our first product for 50cycles. The business embryo.
Our first product for 50cycles. The business embryo.

The Honda Step Compo

Forget those dorky shoppers and frightful frumpy folders of old – the Step Compo is one of the neatest and most sharply-styled small bikes you could hope to find.The general stance is vaguely Birdy-esque, but otherwise the machine is more or less unique. The frame is delightfully crafted aluminium, featuring an oval blue-anodised main tube, hinged at the rear to a silver-anodised monocoque housing the power unit and battery, with two arms reaching back to provide rear wheel drop-outs.The polished alloy saddle stem pops out the top of the monocoque at a rakishly sharp angle.The front end is less satisfactory from a styling point of view, with a rather ramshackle hinge operated by a sort of wand, and slightly naff chromed stem and forks.

Despite this front/rear disparity, the Compo is a real looker.The motor/gearbox assembly is styled along motorcycle lines, but it’s unobtrusive, and the tiny battery nestles invisibly behind the saddle stem.To the untutored eye, this is no more than a bicycle with a slightly unusual frame, and you really do have to look hard to pick out the electrical accoutrements.

The first 2 models landed in the UK in the Autumn of 2003.  One was put through its paces by Tim the co founder of 50cycles and the second was sold to a micro light pilot who like to put the compact bike in his plane for when he landed in the middle of nowhere and wanted to explore.

Our second ever customer was an export to a  Thai Buddhist Monk in Chiang Rai who give us his blessing from a far.

We imported around 50 Honda Step Compos before they discontinued them  due to the Panasonic domination in Japan of the first ever pedelec market. Again Japan living up to its reputation of being 10 years ahead of Europe where this part of the cycle sector has been the fastest growing for the last 3 years.


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