Jeremy Clarkson is a cyclist????

Jeremy Clarkson is a cyclist????

I have to agree with Mr Clarkson on this. Cyclist do not have to Lycra Clad to get about. It is what I really love about my electric bike  is that I do not have to wear any special clothes to just jump on it and cycle 10 miles. Pair of Jeans, Trainers and a top to suit the weather which could either be a T-shirt like to do or a weather proof jacket that I would wear if I was walking or driving over winter time.

To have to dress like a walking sponsor deal just to ride a few miles seem ridiculous and feel sorry for the poor people that think to cycle you have to go these lengths.

It really is not all the difficult on an electric bike just jump on it wearing whatever, whenever.

Going faster, further is what it is all about and if it takes you twenty minutes getting changed to go a bit faster then might as well opt for electric and wear your flappers as wind resistance counts less than the hills on an ebike.

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