AtoB Magazine

This Electric Bike Magazine rocks!It is the NME of the Electric bike world.It was this magazine that opened the door for 50cycles in Spring of 2003 when they approached us to review the Honda Step Compo which appeared in the June addition whilst I was based in Japan and our one page website was up... Continue Reading →


When we was born!

It is 9 years tomorrow since became a Ltd company and 10 years ago since they were first established with a little inspiration from our Japanese compatriots for whom the world can marvel at their technological and social splendorMore details to follow every Tuesday on the history of 50cycles and how two brothers bought... Continue Reading →

“Aspire to Insp…

"Aspire to Inspire"Always strive to provide inspiration to others, if others like what you are doing then you are on the right track. Listening to feedback will ensure we don't go half left but remain alright. Alright?

Jeremy Clarkson is a cyclist????I have to agree with Mr Clarkson on this. Cyclist do not have to Lycra Clad to get about. It is what I really love about my electric bikeĀ  is that I do not have to wear any special clothes to just jump on it and cycle 10 miles. Pair of... Continue Reading →

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