What’s New for 2018

WHAT'S NEW FOR 2018 50 Cycles Loughborough Here we take a look at some of the new models in stock for the coming season at 50 Cycles  Loughborough and Manchester stores. A quick video tour of the Loughborough store: More on the e-bikes in that video: Kalkhoff Integrale i8 These are very high quality German... Continue Reading →


Giant Dirt E+2 Pro

GIANT DIRT E+2 PRO Giant’s Dirt-E+ line-up has been given a new and higher-performing look for 2018 and here we review the striking looking hardtail E+2 PRO model. In terms of headline points there are many similarities with the Scott E-Aspect we recently reviewed; motor and battery are sleekly integrated into the overall appearance of... Continue Reading →

Electric Bikes for Fitness

ELECTRIC BIKES FOR FITNESS Regular riders of e-bikes will be familiar with the refrain 'that's cheating'. To which my favourite response is 'cheating at what, getting from A to B?'. But certainly there is a perception that e-bikes don't give the rider exercise, especially by those that haven't ridden them - it's utterly false. There's... Continue Reading →

Scott E-Aspect 920 Review

SCOTT E-ASPECT 920 REVIEW Bike Overview The Scott E-Aspect 920's most notable feature is its sleek design with the very neat mid-drive motor blending nicely into the frame and the integrated downtube batteries. Scott have a long history of manufacturing high quality e-bike and these days have a wide of range to choose from. Motor... Continue Reading →

A Visit to the Sayonara Bike Event

50 CYCLES SAYONARA E-BIKE EVENT I've just got back from the Sayonara e-bike event at 50 Cycles in the Midlands where there were e-bikes, food and drink on tap. I was delighted it gave me the chance to try out some electric bikes I haven't had the chance to get on before. Winora Yakun Tour... Continue Reading →

Electric bikes – from Past to Present

ELECTRIC BIKES - FROM PAST TO PRESENT Early History The idea of adding power - other than human power - has actually been around for a while longer than you might expect. Internal combustion engines fitted to bicycles first appeared in the 1880s and actually proved a commercial proposition throughout the early part of the... Continue Reading →

Cube Kathmandu Hybrid Pro 500

CUBE KATHMANDU HYBRID PRO 500- REVIEW Company Background Cube is a German company perhaps best known for mountain bikes but in fact also manufacturing an impressively wide range of electric bikes, all using the tried and tested Bosch motor system. They sell into more than sixty countries around the world so with that kind of global... Continue Reading →

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